Foster Parent Resolution to self-care!

Foster Parent Resolution to self-care! image

Foster Parent Resolution to self-care!

Foster Parent Resolution to self-care!

Being a foster parent self-care is everything. Especially being a parent of foster children who have come into your home from trauma, neglect or abuse is likely the hardest work you will ever do. There comes a point in time when you realize that you need some self-care time.

Wearing the foster parent hat and balancing family life is a common barrier to self-Care. It can be chaotic and demanding. When you add in parent-child visits, therapy appointments, school meetings, check-ups, and the other things on you have on our plates, it is easy for self-care to be forgotten. There is so much devoted time and energy to others’ needs than taking time to focusing on your own well-being.  Self-care is not only meaningful but healthy for you mentally, physically and emotionally.  Without self-care, it can lead to feeling burnt-out, relationship struggles, and feelings of inadequacy or even failure in your foster experience.

“Don’t be a hot mess express” because it will eventually bring stress to your kids. When stress is in our children’s lives it increases, so do behavioral symptoms. Being a 24/7 care giver there are many ways you can self-care.  Here are some helpful tips to your road to healthy self-care

Laugh a little: Take some time out of your day with the family and watch a funny show. Or have the family put on a funny talent show with the family. A good belly laugh wouldn’t hurt ya. Laughter is a great way to keep your outlook positive, and not only is that laughter best shared with the people you love.

Put the tablets down: reducing the amount of time you spend with technology outside of work allows you. Give yourself time to actually stop and smell the flower.

Schedule yourself some down time: Even if it’s as little as 30mins a day.  Take some time aside of you daily duties to do something you enjoy.

Utilize respite: contact your agency to see if you can schedule respite. Also see if you agency’s has Certified baby sitters services if respite is not available.

Take on your Dreams:  bring out that bucket list and start marking stuff off.

Find a foster parent support group: it’s always rewarding to meet other foster parent who have similar experiences and feelings. Meeting other people who “get it” is really affirming. These groups will allow you feel more understood.

Create a new hobby: Create a hobby that you will enjoy and you can even incorporate your foster children and the whole family.

Create a Self-care calendar: create a self-care calendar that shows you a monthly layout of things you plan to do either daily or weekly/ monthly. Deliberately place your self-care calendar somewhere you can see it. Just for that added reminder of your commitment to taking good care of yourself.

See understanding Self-care means taking time to get to know you better. And learning to recognize your own temperament and trying to prepare for your personal limits. And finally, self-care means taking time to love yourself and appreciating that there’s only one you and the only expert on that is you.


Dashai Thompson – NBFS Recruiter