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Going out to Dinner

Going out to dinner is something everyone loves. These outings serve many purposes; celebrations, meetings, dates, family time, you name it. So something that a new foster parent may not have thought about is how your new foster child will react to going out to dinner, and how you as a parent will have to react to SO many questions you may face.

Depending on your foster child’s culture, going out to dinner may not have been something they often got to do, so this can be a very exciting experience for them. On the other hand, they may have gone out to dinner a lot, and have preferences or bad experiences tied to these outings. Either way, ask the child’s input on where they would like to go. Make sure this is a positive and happy experience for the child, so that this can be something they come to enjoy doing with your family.

Now for the questions. The people you know that you may run into. The “Who is this little fella/gal?” or the “Oh, this must be your new foster child.” There it is, the F word. We really try not to call a child in care a “foster child” but simply a child. So you can say “yes, this is our child (name.)”To make your new addition feel normal instead of like such a family outcast.

Remember, these are memories that will stay with the child for a very long time, and these moments have impact. Take a deep breath, and smile about the adventure you are embarking on!


-Ashley Huffman

Recruiter/Trainer – Elizabethtown office