Summertime Studies

Helping kids stay school ready over the summer image

Helping kids stay school ready over the summer

When school is out and it is summer time, kids don’t want to think about the next school year. They want to be out playing, inside on games and tablets, sleeping in and so on and so forth. It is really important to keep up skills in the summer that will be used for school. Here are a few tips to do so:

Limit screen time

Limiting screen time will help get your kiddos up and moving! If they are in sports or have to participate in P.E. at school, it is good to help youth stay active so that these activities are not as hard. Staying active also invites more openness for family activities!


Encouraging children and youth to cook helps in many ways, but one way is mathematically! Learning measurements and how to convert if needed is a great skill to keep them sharp over the summer.

Grocery Shopping

Providing a list and a budget helps also with life skills but is another way to keep those math skills fresh in their minds! Budgeting is a great skill to teach.

Summer Reading

Encourage reading as much as possible! Maybe choose a book that the whole family will read, and discuss it over dinner. This is both reading skills and family participation!

These are just a few tips to help keep those learning brains smart over the summer! I am sure you can think of many more as well!


Ashley Huffman

Recruiter/Trainer – Elizabethtown NBFS