How do I know I am Ready to be a Foster parent

How do I know I am Ready to be a Foster parent image

How do I know I am Ready to be a Foster parent

“How do I know I am Ready to be a Foster parent”

This is a question that renders through my mind when I approach the idea of wanting to foster/ adopt. But really how do you know? I have researched and researched on that question and the best answer I got was actually from my own mother and Father, two experienced people who previously fostered.  They broke it down to me so well, that I realized I was actually ready to be a foster parent this whole time.

To be honest there is a lot that goes through your head when you are deciding to join the foster care world. Thousands of questions and unrealistic scenarios play over and over again.  Desperately I came to my parents for the answers. What I got from the conversation was revolutionary to me! And I couldn’t wait to share this knowledge with people who had similar questions like me.  First thing I did was discussed with my family that I am interested in fostering/adopting.  Most people who already have a family with children it’s always best to discuss with one another about it. This will ensure that everyone is comfortable with the new change that may come. Now I’ve learned not everyone will always be supportive of your decision to becoming a foster parent. However, it’s important that your closest supporters understand your decision. When considering to become a foster parent you want to educate yourself through an agency.  A good place to start your information gathering is agency websites, social media pages, open houses, or Schedule a walk through. When agencies do Q&A session or open houses, you want to take full advantage of these type of events. These events will give you the opportunity to potentially see if that is the agency you would like to go through.

Another thing to consider is, understanding the process to becoming a foster parent, and are comfortable with it. When becoming a foster parent it is an intimidating process from fingerprinting, background checks, physicals and home studies. Along with many people will be in an out of your home each month, that’s including counselors, case workers, CASA and many more. This can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. But once you become a foster parent, you will understand that each of these people are here to help support you and the foster child in your care.  Understand that the beginning process to becoming a foster parent is to make sure you can provide that child with a safe home and stability, during their temporary time until which they can return home.

Giving a child a loving, stable home is necessary for a safe return, and is key to helping the child grow and heal. Take note that there will be some moments that are difficult and stressful when understanding the child welfare system. It is often difficult to navigate because things are always changing and may so effect the child. By being that child’s care taker you will be their voice; their advocate, you will be the one who will communicate with Case workers, judges, and bio Parents/ Families. To help ensure that the foster child’s needs are being met, communicating effectively is KEY! Know that every child is different and each situation is unique. the best qualities a foster parent can have is



– Effective Communication

-Love and Support


– Understanding of self-care

These are the Qualities a child needs and are looking for, if you have all of these Qualities then you are definitely ready to become a foster parent.

Dashai Thompson

NBFS Recruiter – Richmond and Walton