Specialized Foster Parent Program

Now you can provide a better life for a child in need!

Children who come into the foster care system, come with different levels of abuse or neglect. Some come with very little trauma and need a foster home until their parents are able to prove to the courts they are ready to care for their children properly.

Other kids have been traumatized by extreme and possibly prolonged abuse. These children need more than just a safe place to live. They need professional help over an extended period of time. Many will be placed in residential facilities, where they’ll receive therapy and counseling to begin the healing process. But a residential treatment facility is the most restrictive environment and these children deserve a home too.

Now you can provide a better life for a child in need! image

What are the services and benefits offered to Specialized Foster Parents through New Beginnings Family Services?

1. 24/7, 365 days a year support and therapeutic support. – Working with kids who have high levels and extensive trauma is a team effort. You will not be alone in this process and you will have an exceptional amount of support from our highly qualified therapeutic staff. Helping these children manage their thoughts, emotions and behaviors is a process and it takes a team.

2. Highest Per Diem reimbursement in the state – As a Specialized foster parent, you’ll receive unprecedented levels of support and treatment for these children including the highest rate of per day reimbursement in the state. New Beginnings Family Services reimburses foster parent $20-$80 a day depending on the level of the child. New Beginnings Family Services offers a Level 5 reimbursement rate of $80 per day per child to assist in the added expenses that arise when working with higher level kids.

3. Increased Therapy or Case Management Services as needed – Our therapists and case managers are available to assist you in this process. We also have emergency on call services for after hours.

4. Individualized and child specific trainings – These trainings will be designed to meet the needs of you and the child. Child specific trainings are developed to address diagnoses, behaviors and challenges. New Beginnings Family Services will offer exceptional training and on-going coaching from a team of professionals with years of experience.


Research shows that children who have experienced trauma can begin the healing process in healthy and positive relationships. Once these children are on their path to healing, their greatest need is to be in a relationship with a foster parent, in a loving home. In March 2015, Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child released a study saying, “Every child who winds up doing well has had at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive adult.”  Every child deserves a supportive and loving adult on their side.

Unfortunately, state trained basic level foster parents are not adequately trained to address the needs of a child who has experienced this much trauma. New Beginnings Family Services currently works with therapeutically trained foster parents. They are equipped to handle the needs of therapeutic placements. New Beginnings Family Services will equip our Specialized Foster Parents with the tools they need to continue the child’s healing for these very special level 5 kids.

About 30% of children in foster care have severe emotional, behavioral, or developmental problems. Physical health problems are also common. Most children, however, show remarkable resiliency and determination to go on with their lives.


Now you can provide a better life for a child in need! image

Levels of Care for Kentucky Foster Children

In Kentucky, children in foster care are assigned a level. There are five different levels of care, with Level One meaning the child or youth has very few issues or behaviors. The levels increase according to the severity of the behaviors, with Level Five being the highest. The level of care determines many things, including amount of therapy required, amount of supervision, and the financial support foster parents receive for their care of the child in their home. Our specialized foster parents will be working with Level 5 kids. This is a highly compensated program. New Beginnings Family Services has the highest Per Diem reimbursement for Level 5 kids in the state of Kentucky. Level 5 reimbursement rate is $80 a day where a basic level child is $20 a day.

Levels of Care:

Level I child:
Requires a routine home environment that:

  • Provides maintenance;
  • Provides guidance;
  • Provides supervision to meet the needs of the child; and
  • Ensures the emotional and physical well-being of the child.<l/i>

Level II child:
May engage in nonviolent antisocial acts, but be capable of meaningful interpersonal relationships
Requires supervision in a structures supportive sitting with:

  • Counseling available from professional or paraprofessional staff;
  • Educational support;
  • Services designed to improve development of normalized social skills.

Level III child:
a) May engage in an occasional violent act;
b) May have superficial or fragile interpersonal relationships;
c) Requires supervision in a structured, supportive environment where the level of supervision and support may vary from low to moderate, proportional to the child’s ability to handle reduced structure;
d) May occasionally require intense levels of intervention to maintain the least restrictive environment; and
Requires a program flexible enough to allow:

  • Extended trials of independence when the child is capable;
  • A period of corrective and protective structure during relapse; and
  • Counseling available from professional or paraprofessional staff.

Level IV child:
a) Has behavioral and physical, mental, or social needs that may present a moderate risk of causing harm to himself or others;
Requires a structured supportive setting with:

  • Therapeutic counseling available by professional staff; and
  • A physical, environmental, and treatment program designed to improve social, emotional, and educational adaptive behavior.

Level V child:
a) Has a severe impairment, disability, or need;
b) Is consistently unable or unwilling to cooperate in his own care;
c) Presents a severe risk of causing harm to himself or others; and
Requires Level IV services and a:

  • Highly structured program with twenty-four (24) hour supervision;
  • Specialized setting that provides safe and effective care for a severe, chronic medical condition, behavioral disorder, or emotional disturbance.
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