Fostering isn’t easy. Below are some tips to help you, a single-foster-parent!

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The Single Foster Parent

The Single Foster Parent

There are a lot of questions surrounding foster care and the who, what, why. One question that is often asked is if single parents can foster. And the answer is yes! A single male or female can be a foster parent. The process is the same for a single-parent as it is for a set of parents. You will be trained, background checked, have a safety audit, etc. However, being a single parent isn’t easy. Fostering isn’t easy. Below are some tips to help you, a single-foster-parent!

  1. It would be important to be very specific on your child characteristic, since this is how we know what child to place in your home. Age, gender, behaviors, all of it! Typically (but not always) we would not place an opposite gender child with a single-foster-parent, as the child could have trauma from an adult of the opposite gender, and it can cause further trauma. However, this is not always the case, and the age of the child and the child’s case, play a big part in placement into any home!


  1. If you have other children in the home, involve them! Make sure you take into consideration what child they will get along with best. What age and gender, and the behaviors. Make sure your child understands what is going on, and that a new child may be entering the home. Let them help put their room together, and ask about toys they would like to share with the new child.


  1. Find support! Friends, Family, Church, Community Support groups. This is important for ALL foster parents, but especially our single parents who may just need someone to talk to. These people also make great emergency contacts, or can be your go-to people in case you need a break for a few hours. Let’s face it, we all need a break, and deserve one.


  1. Pre-plan meals, do grocery pick up or delivery if it is offered in your area, use your crockpot, or make freezer meals. Have plenty of simple meals planned out. Make a menu for the week to help keep your organized, and so that your kiddos know what to expect for dinner that day. For eating out, look for places where kids eat free, or at a discount, just to help your budget out!


You can be a single-foster-parent and you can ROCK it!


Ashley Huffman

NBFS Recruiter/Trainer – Etown office