Why it’s important to say I love you to your child

Why it’s important to say I love you to your child image

Why it’s important to say I love you to your child

Love. It has this exponential power to change you. It has the power to change the way we view life itself. It causes people of all ages to do crazy, extraordinary things for others. It’s pretty amazing if you ask me. If you have loved another, you may have found yourself daydreaming or even being willing to go out of your way to bring them a special gift.

When someone says “I love you” how does that make you feel? Depending on the person, it made you feel good – about yourself and about the relationship. In one way, the phrase can tell someone that you appreciate them and value them and in another way, it could make someone feel romantic and passionate. It’s amazing how one simple phrase can make one person feel a million different things. These feelings can overwhelm and paralyze you to the depths of your being. It could challenge you and change you. There are an infinite possibilities of how you could feel.

For children, this phrase can help him/her feel self-worth and lift his/her spirit. You may feel uncomfortable saying I love you to your foster child and if this is the case, there are other phrases you could use instead such as: “I really care about you”, “you are so special to me”, or “you light up my life”.

Other reasons why to say I love you or I care about you:

  • Helps grow bond between you and them
  • Helps build communication
  • Encourages them
  • Lifts their spirit
  • Build trust and resiliency
  • Can produce joy
  • Shows them you care and support them
  • May release endorphins
  • Lays a foundation of connection and relationship the child may have never had before which allows for more synopsis in the brain to connect neurons that they otherwise would not have had
  • Motivates the child and makes them proud
  • Helps them feel noticed and cherished
  • Gives the child hope for life and love

Nicole Branson

NBFS Recruiter/Trainer – Northern Kentucky